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Two brothers, sons of Irish immigrant parents, got together and talk quickly turned to the magical summers they spent in Ireland with their family fifty years ago. Days were spent chasing the sheep, jumping over stone walls and running up and down hills in the rain. Nights were filled with stories of fairies and leprechauns. There was always a fiddle or tin whistle and a song in the room. An old Donegal fisherman poured Guinness  onto the dirt floor of their uncle’s cottage and drew a picture of the mermaid he had seen. No wonder the two brothers, now men, vividly remember it all! This is the heritage the brothers treasure and cherish. They too had a story to share and this website was born.

Let the music, the dance, the writing and the artwork come alive! Have some Irish tea, warm yourself in a gorgeous Irish sweater,find the perfect gift for someone you love.

Two brothers want you to feel the magic of Ireland they did fifty years ago.Slainte!
The Irish Shop
161 Providence Club Drive 
Monroe, GA 30656

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