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Merino Knit Ladies Wrap With Pockets

This elegant scarf is a truly unique accessory that is a stylish alternative to a traditional scarf. Luxurious and unbelievably soft, it is masterfully designed from Merino wool and woven into a subtle and beautiful Aran stitch. This design embraces the Irish heritage, featuring a honeycomb knit that is thought to bring the wearer good luck and good fortune. Perfect for your winter wardrobe, it will keep you cozy and warm all season long for many years to come.

Though at first glance this may look like a normal scarf, it is the thoughtful attention to detail that really sets it apart from other designs. The end of the scarf features a large pocket to warm your hands or hold small accessories. Ribbed trim along the pockets opening gives it a sophisticated look, while a large wooden button adds a fun touch and finishes the entire look.  Wear it with you favorite coats and jackets to keep warm during the cold winter months, or pair it with your tees and sweaters for an all day accessory that is as beautiful as it is practical.


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