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Ladies Merino Wool Lumber Cardigan

Get this limited edition sweater before it’s gone! A classic style that you will wear day after day and year after year, it is a cozy design that is just as comfortable as it is fashionable. With a classic Aran stitching, the sweater was created by renowned fashion designer Daryl K, based in New York City. A classic v neckline and button front closure add to the classic look, while a mix of stitches add a sense of drama and dimension to the versatile silhouette. Available in two shades, the colors were inspired by the swirling hues of the Atlantic ocean and the beautiful shores of Ireland. The rich teal shade recalls the depths of the sea, while the stormy gray reminds of the rocks along the coast.

The over-sized knit on the front adds a modern touch to the design that also features to front slip pockets. Dark brown, over-sized buttons add an unexpected finishing touch, furthering the mix of classic and modern. Pair this beautiful and cozy sweater with a dress, jeans, or a skirt for an instant infusion of style and comfort no matter the occasion or dress code.



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