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Men's Zip up Cardigan with Cable Patterns

This elegant sweater is a modern classic. Featuring unique detailing and high quality materials, this sweater is infused with traditional Irish hallmarks with hints of modern trends for a sophisticated blend of old world and new. Combining a rope cable stitch with the honeycomb stitch, this sweater combines two classic weaves. Thought to bring good luck, the honeycomb stitch is featured along the sleeves and down two panels down the front of the sweater. The rope cable can be seen down the center front of the sweater, adding dimension and drama to the design.

The unique collar is one of the hallmarks of this design, featuring a stand up collar and a unique and fashionable three button closure. Contrasting with the design, the dark buttons add a thoughtful finishing touch to the design that is both functional and striking. Available in three rich and saturated shades, it pairs perfectly with both casual and elevated ensembles like jeans and a t shirt or slacks and a button down collared shirt, making it a versatile and wearable design that will never go out of style.

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