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Men's Contrasted Zipper Collar Sweater

This sweater is a versatile and sophisticated style that combines luxurious materials with masterful Irish craftsmanship. Featuring a unique combination of three Aran stitches, this design is just the thing that’s missing from your wardrobe. The first weave is the Trellis design that is made to represent a patchwork of fields. The second design is the classic cable knit that reimagines fisherman’s knots. The third design is the tree of life stitch that affords the wearer a long, healthy and happy life.  Combining all three of these classic stitches, this sweater is infused with meaning while also being stylish and timeless.

Featuring a half zip, stand up collar, this sweater is the perfect design to add to any look. Pair it with a simple t shirt and jeans for a casual and pulled together ensemble. Or, wear this sweater over more elevated attire to add a layer of warmth and sophistication that will truly never go out of fashion. Wear it in any of the three rich shades for a sweater that goes with everything.


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